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Quality Start Riverside County (QSRC)

We are delighted you have joined Quality Start Riverside County. You are now part of a nationwide movement to improve the quality of care and early learning experiences that children receive in their first five years of life.  

Participating in QSRC demonstrates your commitment to providing quality early learning services and establishes you as a leader in the field. Thank you for joining the effort to make high-quality care the standard for Riverside County’s children.

In this QSRC Participant Resource Guide, you will find resources to help orient you and your colleagues to QSRC.

  • Introduction to QSRC  A collection of resources explaining the QSRC program and its benefits
  • Required Documents – In order to participate in QSRC, all sites must complete a Memorandum of Understanding
  • Early Care and Education (ECE) Workforce Registry – Resources to help you navigate the web‐based system designed to track and promote the employment, training, and education accomplishments of ECE providers
  • Quality Supports – Review the QSRC coaching model to learn how to take advantage of the resources QSRC offers
  • Assessment and Rating Resources – Prepare for your CLASS and ERS assessments with these handy guides
  • Quality Incentives – Learn more about the quality incentives you can earn as a participant in QSRC
  • Parent Information – Engage the families in your program by sharing information about QSRC and your commitment to providing high-quality care

We are extremely proud of the hard work being done by the over 500 participants in QSRC. Thanks for your participation and ongoing dedication to Riverside County’s youngest learners. We look forward to continually working alongside you to create the best environment for our children.

For more information, contact QSRC at (800) 266-3880 or info@qualitystartrc.org.


Quality Start Riverside County

Introduction to QSRC

Resource Description
QSRC Overview Brochure Provides an overview of the benefits of participation in QSRC
Fast Facts for Educators Talking points on how QSRC helps early educators achieve excellence
Quality Start Rated Programs Tier ratings are published on the QSRC website
Quality Counts California Rating Matrix QSRC rates programs based on elements of high-quality early childhood education defined by the state of California
QSRC Agency Roles Learn about the areas of expertise offered QSRC’s early learning partner agencies
QSRC Participant Experience QSRC supports early learning providers throughout your participation in the program
iPinwheel iPinwheel will be used to track, measure, store, and report the data needed to help improve the quality of early childhood education programs
Definition of “in good standing with licensing” Providers must be ‘in good standing’ for continual participation in QSRC or to complete the application process to participate in QSRC
Licensing Violations and Mandated Reporting During Site Visit Policy QSRC staff and assessors are mandated reporters which require them to report any suspected child abuse or Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) violations

Required Documents

Resource Description
QSRC Orientation Video You must watch the QSRC orientation video before submitting your Memorandum of Understanding
Memorandum of Understanding After watching the QSRC Orientation Video, you will be able to download a Memorandum of Understanding, which you must sign and return to info@qualitystartrc.org
Riverside Hybrid Alternative Payment (RHAP) Program If you want to participate in the RHAP program, please reach out to the RHAP team at 951-826-6699

ECE Workforce Registry

Resource Description
Registry Overview Video The CA ECE Workforce Registry assists individuals, employers, funders, researchers, and policy makers in capturing qualification and employment data to support the child development workforce
ECE Workforce Registry Frequently Asked Questions A handy guide to the web‐based system designed to track and promote the employment, training, and education accomplishments of the ECE teachers and providers
Instructions for Setting up an ECE Workforce Registry Account Follow these seven easy steps to create a Registry profile
Employer Document Upload Tip Sheet A guide for employers uploading documents to staff’s Registry profiles
Participant Document Upload Tip Sheet A guide for participants to build an electronic professional portfolio on the ECE Workforce Registry
Education/Certification/Training Submission Guide Accepted documentation of educational and professional development

QSRC Quality Supports

Resource Description
Introduction to QSRC Coaching – Centers An overview of the QSRC Coaching Model for Centers
Coaching Model for Centers An infographic summarizing the QSRC Coaching Model for Centers
Introduction to QSRC Coaching – Family Child Care Homes (FCC) An overview of the QSRC Coaching Model for FCCs
Coaching Model for FCCs An infographic summarizing the QSRC Coaching Model for FCCs
Technical Assistance Request Form for Sites Rated Tiers 1-3 Form to be filled out by QSRC Center-based providers in tiers 1-3 who require additional technical assistance
Optional Quality Support Request Form for Sites Rated Tiers 4-5 Form to be filled out by QSRC Center-based providers in tiers 4 and 5 who would like to take advantage of additional quality support

Rating and Assessment

Resource Description
CLASS Overview The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) is an easy-to-use resource which helps educators practice high-quality teacher-child interactions in their classrooms
ERS Overview The Environment Rating Scale Tools (ERS) is an easy-to-use resource which helps educators create a high-quality learning environment
What to Expect the Day of Your Assessment An overview of what you should expect during QSRC assessments

Quality Incentives

Resource Description
QSRC Financial Incentives Overview Participating programs are given financial support to invest in improving the quality of the care and education they provide for children and families.

Documents for Parents

Resource Description
QSRC Contact Information Postcard Keep in touch with QSRC!
Choosing Quality Checklist A checklist to help families choose a high-quality early learning program
Parent’s Guide to QSRC Ratings QSRC ratings help programs and families understand the quality of the care and education of a participating program
QSRC Parent Brochure Use this brochure to share your participation in QSRC with the families in your program