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Learn more about Impact Legacy State Updates and Riverside Hybrid Alternative Payment (RHAP) Program

How is the May 8, 2023 PowerPoint presented?

  • Prop 10 Revenue and State Updates Slides 1 – 12
  • Riverside Hybrid Alternative Payments (RHAP) Slides 13 – 18

What is the Proposed Quality Incentive?

Proposed Quality Incentive

Why are the formal ratings being excluded from IMPACT Legacy Funding?

With the release of the IMPACT Legacy grant from First 5 California, the focus is on supporting Quality Improvement. Supporting quality improvement, includes focus areas outlined in the QCC Quality Continuum Framework (QCF) including assessment and observation, but excluding formal ratings.

What are the IMPACT Legacy priority settings?

  • Private Center-Base
  • Family Child Care Homes
  • Family Friend and Neighbor
  • Home-Visiting Programs
  • Libraries
  • Playgroups

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